The path to the future is through great education. A federally mandated one size fits all solution to education has failed and continues to fail this nation. The collective has decided that schools only exist to prepare kids for college. This is a fundamentally flawed mode of operation. America cannot thrive without electricians, doctors, carpenters, engineers and farmers, all of which require career specific training and education.  We must recognize this diversity and create various paths for our youth that allow them to find an occupation that best suits their skill sets, interests and aptitudes, whether it is through apprenticeships, trade schools or college.

If college or trade school is the path our students choose to take we need to be doing more to help them as well. It is unreasonable to burden our youth with 8% interest rates on student loans when I recently bought a house with a mortgage at 4.25%.  Currently the government that we have entrusted to help pave the way for our future workforce is so embroiled in partisan spats that they put the needs of their constituents on the backburner.  If America is to remain a world leader, we must invest in our future and enable our citizens to achieve great things, not hold them down with mountains of debt at exorbitant interest rates.  Partisan politics have no business in our education system. 

If elected I will use reason and respect in developing the future of education. 

Economic Opportunity


America must have a strong infrastructure if it is to continue be great. Not only is revitalizing our infrastructure needed for continued economic growth, but the building of it will be its own form of economic stimulation.  Our bridges are sadly out of date with many lacking current inspections. We have also been turning to toll roads at an alarming rate in a state known for its amazing public roads. Texas needs Texan roads not toll roads owned by foreign companies.

If elected I will fight to invest in infrastructure, the backbone of our economy.


The internet has created one of the largest opportunities to seize the American Dream in history. Under current leadership we have attempted to limit the free and universal access to this amazing resource. Small business owners, students and researchers are but a few of those who could not thrive without open access. Instead of allowing massive service providers to throttle and shutdown websites at will we need to be expanding access to this tool. Knowledge and education are what have been spurring this country to greatness since it began and we need to continue this trend. 

If elected I will fight for net neutrality.

Tax Code

It is a tired old cliché, but American families aren't spending more than they are bringing in each month and neither should the government. We need to balance the budget and pursue sound fiscal policies. Our tax code is just too complicated. I understand this having started a company myself. When tax season came we had to pay a professional to make sure we had followed the law and maximized profits. The loopholes that exist in our tax code are there to benefit the select few that can afford to lobby for them or have a lawyer that can find them.  The vast majority of people living in District 21 fit into neither category and should not be taken advantage of.  Congress exists to serve all of the people, not just a few.  

If elected I will vote for sound economic policy and a simplified tax code.


We need comprehensive immigration reform. Current immigration policy neither curbs illegal immigration nor uses tax dollars efficiently.  In the early 1990’s we spent about 300 million dollars annually and had less than 5,000 border patrol employees. Now we spend over 3 billion and have more than 20,000 border patrol employees, yet the number of illegal immigrants living here has exploded from less than 4 million to over 12 million. Clearly, money and manpower are not the answer.

I believe we should pass something similar to the Bracero Act of the 1960's, which gave migrant workers temporary visas so they could come work and then return home without worrying about reentry. There were flaws with the Bracero Act, such as not allowing workers to change employers, but new, improved legislation would address these problems and substantially reduce illegal immigration. This would allow our border patrol to devote more resources to apprehending people who are trying to enter for nefarious purposes.

If elected I would propose realistic and proven solutions for immigration reform.

Military and Veterans

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the servicemen and women, along with their families who are reading this. As the brother of a Navy Veteran, I am familiar with what a lonely and underpaid job it can be. It is also a great and important one. A recent poll showed the military was one of the last areas of government in which the majority of Americans still felt confident, with Congress ranking last. This comes as no surprise when Congress has been allowed to play politics with issues as straight forward as ensuring that the military and its contractors receive their paychecks. The government shutdown of 2013 is just another example of how backward Washington has become.  While Congress bickered over partisan ideals, 40 veterans died waiting for care from the VA. This is an unacceptable disgrace. In lieu of legislation that matters we have initiatives from the White House to remove fried food from the galleys. The military does its job, it is time Congress did as well.

If elected I will never cast a vote that could lead to a military furlough.


As leaders in the energy industry, Texas will influence our nation’s energy policy and help shape the path of the future. I will work to keep Texas an energy friendly state for businesses and costs affordable for consumers.  I will do this by supporting a true "all of the above" policy. And by all of the above, I don't mean just all of the oil we can find; I mean solar, wind, geothermal, methane gas recycling, nuclear, technologies that have yet to be created, AND all of the oil we can find. Through improving efficiency in current energy resources and supporting the diversification of energy sources, we will set the course for energy independence and bring jobs and economic opportunities to our state.

If elected I will work to keep Texas an energy friendly state for businesses and costs affordable for consumers.


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